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Driver CPC Periodic Training

(Certificate of Professional Competence)

Driver CPC Periodic Training is your legal requirement if you drive a PCV for a living.  You must ensure that you complete 35 hours training within each 5 year period.  The training is carried out by our sister company Total Training.

Each 5 year period runs from the date that you passed your Driver CPC Initial Qualification.


If you obtained your PCV licence before 10th September 2008 you must of completed your first 35 hours training before 10th September 2013 and take another 35 hours training within each 5 years after that.

Follow the links to see our training dates and prices.

 Driver CPC is the legal requirement of YOU the driver, NOT your employer!

The 35 hours training will be delivered in five 7 hour modules.  For example, you can take one module (7 hours) every year for each year within your period – totalling 35 hours.  Or, you are able take all five modules over a Monday to Friday week long course so that you have peace of mind knowing that you have completed your legal requirement.

Modules and courses run on various dates throughout the year and take place at our training centre in Stowmarket, Suffolk.

We are able to provide training at your own site if you have 6 or more candidates and a suitable venue.  Please contact us to discuss.

Module/Course Prices


£75 for a 7 Hour Module (1 Day)

£325 for 35 Hour Course (5 Days)

Prices include upload fee.  We will be running various dates for modules/courses throughout the year.

Forgotten how many hours you have completed?  Check your Driver CPC periodic training hours.

When you do not need Driver CPC

You might not need Driver CPC, even if you are driving a PCV.  It depends on:

  • the vehicle
  • what the vehicle is being used for

Vehicles you can drive without Driver CPC

Vehicle uses where you do not need

Driver CPC

You do not need Driver CPC if the vehicle you are driving is:

  • being road tested after repair, maintenance or technical development
  • new or rebuilt and not been put in to service yet
  • limited to a top speed of 28mph
You do not need Driver CPC if the vehicle you drive is:

  • used for non-commercial of passengers or carriage of goods for personal use
  • used to carry material or equipment you use for your job but driving the vehicle can not be the main part of your job
  • used for driving lessons for anyone who wants to get a driving licence or a Driver CPC
  • used by, or is under the control of, the armed forces, civil defence, the fire service and forces responsible for maintaining public order
  • used in states of emergency or for rescue missions
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