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Category D1+E Training

Category D1+E PCV / PSV training runs from our site in Stowmarket, Suffolk and tests are taken at the DVSA Test Centre in Ipswich. D1+E is the category that allows you to drive a vehicle with 9 to 16 passenger seats with a trailer over 750kg and a combined weight of not more than 12,000kg.

We offer 5 Category D1+E training courses:

  • 8 Hours – £595 (Experienced Category D1 Driver and very experienced at reversing with a trailer)
  • 10 Hours – £715 (Experienced Category D1 Driver and experienced at reversing with a trailer)
  • 12 Hours – £835 (Experienced Category D1 Driver and some experience at reversing with a trailer)
  • 15 Hours – £1,015 (Little/No Category D1 experience with no experience at reversing with a trailer, but confident)
  • 18 Hours – £1,195 (Little/No Category D1 experience with no experience at reversing with a trailer, less confident)
All prices include the practical test fee of £115.

Ford Transit T430 (4,250kg) with Indespension Trailer (2,600kg)

We can also take you for a 4 hour (£240) assessment lesson and advise you on how many additional hours are required to come to test standard – most people requiring only a further 8 or 10 hours with some requiring only 4!  All D1+E training is charged at £60/hr, DVSA Test Fee is £115 (£141 out of hours).  This means that your D1+E training and test could cost as little as £595 including test fee!

Once you have passed your Category D1 practical test, your D1+E practical course can be arranged and the practical test can be booked – the test lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

The Category D1+E practical test consists of several parts:

  • Show Me Tell Me D1+E‘ – You will be asked 3 questions from the list (Different to Category D1 list)
  • Reverse Manoeuvre – Off Road (See Below)
  • General Road Driving – On Road
  • Independent Drive – On Road
  • Trailer Un-couple and Re-couple Exercise – Off Road
When attending training and test you MUST have your photocard licence.

 Reverse exercise demonstrated here by one of our previous Categeory C+E Vehicles.

Upon passing your Category D1+E practical test, your examiner will send your licence to the DVLA for updating to the full entitlement.


  • 8 Hours – £595 (course inc. test fee)
  • 10 Hours – £715 (course inc. test fee)
  • 12 Hours – £835 (course inc. test fee)
  • 15 Hours – £1,015 (course inc. test fee)
  • 18 Hours – £1,195 (course inc. test fee)
  • 4 Hour Assessment Lesson – £240
  • D1+E Hourly Rate – £60
  • DVSA LGV Test Fee – £115
  • DVSA LGV Out of Hour Test Fee – £141

The above course prices include the standard DVSA LGV Test Fee of £115. If you decide on an ‘Out of Hours’ test there is an additional fee of £26 for the DVSA LGV Test.
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