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Category F –  Agricultural Tractors

Agricultural or forestry tractors are defined as as having two or more axles and are constructed for us as a tractor for work off the road in connection with agriculture or forestry.

You may drive these tractors on the from for the age of 16 but

  • you’re restricted to a tractor which is no more than 2.45 metres wide
  • you can only drive on the road travelling to, from and during a driving test until you’ve passed you category F driving test.
At 17 years old you can
  • drive any tractor
  • drive unaccompanied on the road displaying L-plates
Agricultural tractors have a speed restriction of
  • 20 mph (32 km/h) unless the vehicle and/or any attachments are over 3.5 metres in width, when the limit is reduced to 12 mph (18 km/h)
  • 40 mph (64 km/h) if the vehicle meets construction and use regulations, including the fitment of
    • safety glass
    • horns
    • additional lights
    • speedometer
    • wing mirrors
    • additional noise suppression
    • brakes up to goods vehicle braking standards
The current practical test fee is £62 and takes approximately 40 minutes.  This is in addition to any training and/or vehicle hire costs.  The examiner usually travels to you to conduct the test.

The test contains several parts:

  • Eye Sight Test – Read a new style number plate from 20m
  • Safety Checks
  • General Road Driving
  • Turn in the Road, Reverse Around a Corner, Parallel Park – 1 will be selected
  • Emergency Stop
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