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Category C1 Training

(inc. Horsebox and Ambulance Driver)

Category C1 MGV (LGV / HGV) training runs from our site in Stowmarket, Suffolk and tests are taken at the DVSA Test Centre in Ipswich.  C1 is the category that allows you to drive a vehicle over 3,500kg up to a maximum of 7,500kg. It is also the category that you must pass to receive the C1+E provisional entitlement in order to proceed to Category C1+E Training.

This is the category that permits you to drive ambulances and most horseboxes – training can cost as little as £Contact including test fee!

We offer various combinations of Category C1 training courses depending on experience:

  • 10 Hours – £805 (Very Experienced Large Van)
  • 12 Hours – £935 (Experience of Large Van)
  • 15 Hours – £1,130 (No Experience but Confident)
  • 18 Hours – £1,325 (No Experience less Confident)

All course prices include the 3a & 3b practical test fees of £40 & £115.


Category C1 LGV HGV Horsebox Ambulance Driver Training Ipswich Suffolk

For Horsebox Training – Iveco 75E17 – 7,500kg

C1 LGV HGV Training Ipswich

For Ambulance Training – Ford Transit T430 – 4,250kg

Some training companies will try and talk your in to taking Category C Training as that is the only type vehicle that they have.  Do not be forced in to taking the training if that is not the category that you really want to do.  Of course, if you do think that you would like to do it, we are able to offer Category C Training.

The C1 category was automatically obtained if you passed your car test prior to 1/1/97.  If you have passed your car test from that date you will have to go through the process of obtaining a LGV licence and taking your practical test in our C1 training vehicle.

Once you have passed both your Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception theory tests your C1 practical training can be arrange and your practical tests (3a & 3b) can be booked – the test are approximately 0.5 hours & 1 hour.

The Category C1 practical test consists of several parts:

  • Show Me Tell Me C1‘ – You will be asked 5 questions from the list
  • Reverse Manoeuvre Test 3a – Off Road (See below)
  • General Road Driving Test 3b – On Road
  • Independent Drive – On Road included in 3b
When attending training and test you MUST have your photocard driving licence and theory certificate.

Reverse exercise demonstrated here by one of our Categeory C Vehicles.  Sorry about the windy day!

Upon passing your Category C1 practical test, your examiner will send your licence to the DVLA for updating to the full entitlement.


  • 10 Hours – £805 (Very Experienced Large Van)
  • 12 Hours – £935 (Experience of Large Van)
  • 15 Hours – £1,130 (No Experience but Confident)
  • 18 Hours – £1,325 (No Experience less Confident)
  • C1 Hourly Rate – £65
  • DVSA LGV 3a Test Fee – £40
  • DVSA LGV 3b Test Fee – £115
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