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Category C1+E Training

Category C1+E MGV (LGV / HGV) training runs from our site in Stowmarket, Suffolk and tests are taken at the DVSA Test Centre in Ipswich. C1+E is the category that allows you to drive a vehicle over 3,500kg up to 7,500kg with a trailer over 750kg and a combined weight of not more than 12,000kg.

We offer 5 Category C1+E training courses:

  • 8 Hours – £595 (Experienced Category C1 Driver and very experienced at reversing with a trailer)
  • 10 Hours – £715 (Experienced Category C1 Driver and experienced at reversing with a trailer)
  • 12 Hours – £835 (Experienced Category C1 Driver and some experience at reversing with a trailer)
  • 15 Hours – £1,015 (Little/No Category C1 experience with no experience at reversing with a trailer, but confident)
  • 18 Hours – £1,195 (Little/No Category C1 experience with no experience at reversing with a trailer, less confident)
All prices include the practical test fee of £115.

Ford Transit T430 (4,250kg) with Indespension Trailer (2,600kg)

We can also take you for a 4 hour (£240) assessment lesson and advise you on how many additional hours are required to come to test standard – most people requiring only a further 8 or 10 hours with some requiring only 4!  All C1+E training is charged at £60/hr, DVSA Test Fee is £115 (£141 out of hours).  This means that your C1+E training and test could cost as little as £595 including test fee!

Once you have passed your Category C1 practical test, your C1+E practical course can be arranged and the practical test can be booked – the test lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

The Category C1+E practical test consists of several parts:

  • Show Me Tell Me C+E‘ – You will be asked 3 questions from the list (Different to Category C1 list)
  • Reverse Manoeuvre – Off Road (See Below)
  • General Road Driving – On Road
  • Independent Drive – On Road
  • Trailer Un-couple and Re-couple Exercise – Off Road
When attending training and test you MUST have your photocard licence (and theory certificate if removing 107 restriction code).

 Reverse exercise demonstrated here by one of our previous Categeory C+E Vehicles.

Upon passing your Category C1+E practical test, your examiner will send your licence to the DVLA for updating to the full entitlement.


  • 8 Hours – £595 (course inc. test fee)
  • 10 Hours – £715 (course inc. test fee)
  • 12 Hours – £835 (course inc. test fee)
  • 15 Hours – £1,015 (course inc. test fee)
  • 18 Hours – £1,195 (course inc. test fee)
  • 4 Hour Assessment Lesson – £240
  • C1+E Hourly Rate – £60
  • DVSA LGV Test Fee – £115
  • DVSA LGV Out of Hour Test Fee – £141

The above course prices include the standard DVSA LGV Test Fee of £115. If you decide on an ‘Out of Hours’ test there is an additional fee of £26 for the DVSA LGV Test.
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