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We offer 3 methods of practical car driving lessons in Suffolk and Essex (we can also cover some parts of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire):

Hourly Lessons are usually 1-2 hours long and are arranged directly with your assigned instructor week by week.  Payment can be made an hour at a time or in 10 hour block bookings, for which we do offer a discount.

Intensive Courses are designed for people who want to take their training over consecutive days with a test at the end.  We offer courses from 1 to 10 days, depending on your ability, with usually 5 hours of training per day.

Residential Courses are in the same format as Intensive Courses but include accomodation.  These courses are usually taken by people who wish to escape busy cities for their practical training and test.

The Process

Provisional Licence Application

Before you are able to take any practical training you must first obtain your provisional licence.  You can apply for this by filling in form D1 and sending it to the DVLA along with a passport sized photograph and the current application fee.

Once your provisional licence is received you may then arrange some training.

Theory Test

Whilst your provisional licence application is away you could take the opportunity to study for the theory/hazard perception test.  The test is in 2 parts – Multiple Choice Questions and Interactive Hazard Perception.  We would only recommend buying the DVSA publications because, at the end of the day, they are the people who write the tests!

When attending training and test you MUST have your photo card licence.

Practical Training and Test

Practical training can commence from the moment you receive your provisional licence.  Though your practical test cannot be booked until you have passed your theory test.

Against popular implication by other training companies, your car practical test can only be booked once you have passed your car theory test.  No-one, company or individual, is able to ‘pre-book’, ‘hold’, ‘reserve’ or our personal favourite for claims of booking your practical car test – ‘quicker than standard DVSA bookings’.  The DVSA are the people who examine you, they have a booking system open to everyone.  You cannot get a test earlier than one offered by those who run the test!

If you have taken Hourly Lessons, your instructor will advise you when to book your practical test.  If you have taken an Intensive or Residential course, you will be presented to test in approximately the last hour of the course – assuming you have reached the appropiate standard.

The test contains several parts:

  • Eyesight Test – Read a new style number plate from 20m
  • Show Me Tell Me B‘ Questions – You will be asked 2 questions from the list
  • General Road Driving
  • Turn in the Road, Reverse Around a Corner, Reverse Bay Park, Parallel Park – 1 will be selected
  • Emergency Stop – 1 in 3 tests will be asked to demonstrate this
  • An ability to demonstrate Eco-safe driving
  • Independent Drive
When attending training and test you MUST have your photocard licence.
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