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Taxi / PHV Driver Training & Assessment

Taxi Driver Training is advised if you are required to take a driving assessment for obtaining a taxi or private hire vehicle (PHV) licence.  Local authorities set different criteria for granting taxi and PHV driver licences.  Some, but not all, require drivers to pass an assessment (formally the DVSA taxi assessment).  We are able to offer this assessment at our Stowmarket Training Centre.You must already hold a UK car licence and you may also require:

  • a criminal record check
  • a medical examination
  • a ‘knowledge’ check

Your local authority will be able to advise you what the requirements are in your area including fees they charge.


We can provide training in order to give you the skills you will need in order to pass the driving assessment.  All training is done in your own vehicle and cost £40/hr.  When attending the training you MUST have your photocard licence.  We recommend that professional tutition is taken prior to attending the assessment.

The Assessment

The assessment will last approximately 50 minutes for a standard assessment or 60 minutes for an enhanced assessment.  You will be marked by one of our own assessors who will permit no more than 9 driving faults with no serious or dangerous faults in order to pass you.  Any serious or dangerous errors will result in you failing the assessment.  The assessment will take place in your own vehicle which must be roadworthy and adequately insured.  You must provide an additional adjustable rear view mirror for the assessor to use.

The assessment will include:

  • Eyesight Test – Read a new style number plate from 20m
  • A taxi or private hire manoeuvre where you will be asked to turn your vehicle to face the opposite direction.
  • Approximately ten minutes of independent driving.
  • Stops at the side of the road as if a passenger is getting in or out of the vehicle.
  • Related ‘cabology’ questions.  Examples may include the dimensions of your vehicle, tyre pressures and what to do if a passenger leaves property in your vehicle.
  • Questions from the Highway Code and identification of a number of traffic signs and road markings.

It may also include:

  • an emergency stop
  • a wheelchair exercise (if you requested the enhanced assessment)
When attending the assessment you MUST have your photocard licence.

The Wheelchair Exercise

If you have requested the enhanced assessment, which includes a wheelchair exercise.

You will need to demonstrate the ability to:

  • safely load and unload the wheelchair in your vehicle
  • use the wheelchair brakes to secure and release it
  • fasten the seat belts or safety harness
  • secure any wheel belts or clamps fitted to your vehicle

It is possible to take the wheelchair assessment separately as an upgrade if you have already passed the standard assessment.  This takes approximately 15 minutes.

Whether you are taking the enhanced or wheelchair assessment a standard type wheelchair is available for use at our training centre.


Standard Assessment £90 (weekday) / £120 (out of hours/weekend)
Enhanced Assessment £102 (weekday) / £138 (out of hours/weekend)
Wheelchair Assessment £30 (weekday) / £42 (out of hours/weekend)

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