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Fleet Driver Training

Today’s blame culture is ever increasing.  Victims of road traffic collisions involving vehicles driven for business, are now looking to that employee’s company for evidence that vehicle is suitable for that task, that it is in roadworthy condition and what, if any, driver training has been provided to that employee.
In February 2011, history was made in the fleet driving sector when a company was fined £385,000 following a fatal incident where that company had failed to take precautionary measures to prevent a health and safety risk.

If an organisation, whether in the private or public sector, expects any of their employees to drive on business they now have a number obligations with they must legally fulfil.  The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 is a landmark in law.  For the first time, companies and organisations can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter as a result of serious management failures resulting in a gross breach of a duty of care.

 Can you afford not to have your employees assessed?


To your Company

  • Compliance with relevant legislation
  • Reduced fleet costs – insurance, repairs, fuel* etc
  • Less employee downtime
  • Greater company reliability
  • Reduced chance of bad publicity for company
  • Higher residual value of vehicles

To your Employees

  • Continuous update of driving skills
  • Reduced loss of earnings due to downtime
  • Job security
  • Safer working environment

To your Community

  • Safer roads
  • Higher standard of drivers
  • Reduced strain on emergency services
  • Lower CO2 emmisions
*Recent assessment shown a per vehicle saving of £614 per year, based on Audi A4 2.0 TDIe doing 30k per annum at £1.439/litre.

The Assessment

Fleet driver training is based on the individual needs of your specific company and employees.  It will be tailored to suit the requirements, however, as a guide we normally provide:

  • Licence and eyesight check*
  • Pre-drive vehicle checks
  • Initial driving assessment
  • Test of Highway Code knowledge
  • Demonstration drive if necessary
  • On-road driver training and tuition

Assessments will take approximately 1.5 hours for each candidate and will include a full written report, risk assessment and recommendations.

*Visual licence check only.  Enhanced check with DVLA incurs an additional cost.


Fleet driver assessment costs:

  • £90 for one driver
  • £75 per driver for two to four drivers on the same day
  • £60 per driver for 5 or more drivers over 2 or more days (max. 4 per day)*

Enhanced licence check £10 per driver.

*There may be an additional cost incurred for accommodation.


Should any of your drivers be recommended remedial training this can be arranged to suit.  Training will be tailored to deal with any issues highlighted in the written report.  Prices are £250 per day for 2:1 or £150 per day for 1:1.  Accommodation costs may apply.

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